Chrysoprase Palm Stone


Chrysoprase is a potent heart opener, guided by the Heart Chakra, helping to bring balance and unity between the masculine and feminine energies. It balances the yin and the yang, helping us stay centered. This stone has a calming and tranquil energy that eases any tension or discomfort you may feel in your energetic field. 

Chrysoprase can help stimulate our creativity and bring our innate gifts and talents to light. It also is known to help us transmute negative feelings, assisting us in integrating lessons so that we can move forward in our lives. It is especially helpful in moving forward from heartbreak. Chrysoprase ignites a feeling of safety and security, teaching self-acceptance and a non-judgmental attitude. 

The universe provides to us exactly what we need, when we need it. The images show the many styles of these crystals, however we cannot guarantee exactly which one you receive. When you purchase a crystal from ThirdEyeThoughts we will hand pick one to send you but at this time we are unable to to tell you exactly which one it will be.