Polychrome Palm Stone


Polychrome Jasper is known to be an extremely grounding and stabilizing stone that helps us connect deeper with Mother Earth. It helps us embody and integrate passion, creativity, and vitality. Use this stone to connect with the unlimited abundance of the Earth, and to connect to the Root Chakra. 

Polychrome Jasper energizes us in a grounded way, and encourages us to make the bold changes to our lives that we have been envisioning. It’s guidance is there to push you in the direction of your dreams, yet with a grounded, stable, and centered foundation.

The universe provides to us exactly what we need, when we need it. The images show the many styles of these crystals, however we cannot guarantee exactly which one you receive. When you purchase a crystal from ThirdEyeThoughts we will hand pick one to send you but at this time we are unable to to tell you exactly which one it will be.