ThirdEyeThoughts Journal


Don't forget these...

Starting your day off right is one of the best ways to ensure you're going to have a beautiful day ahead of you. That's why we recommend taking just 5-10 minutes in the morning to align yourself, recognize what you're grateful for, set your intentions, and write down daily affirmations. This quick and simple practice really can be the difference between having just a regular day vs one full of positivity, joy, and gratitude.

The ThirdEyeThoughts journal provides you with the tools needed to ensure you're consciously creating a beautiful life for yourself every day. This journal helps you get out of auto-pilot and into the moment where you have the most control over your life. With different challenges, prompts, quotes, and space to explore your thoughts the ThirdEyeThoughts journal will bring a new found sense of fulfillment and appreciation in your life.

Note: This is a pre-sale for the ThirdEyeThoughts Journal. Please allow for two months before the arrival of the journal. Due to Covid-19 production times are slower than normal. We will ship it to you as quick as possible.